Sunday, May 31, 2009

Love-Gillette razor blades

Gillette razor blades and cartridge refills are available for both men and women. Choose from gillette fusion blades or Fusion Power, with a breakthrough 5 blade Shaving Surface technology on the front of the shaving cartridge, gillette m3 powe blades, a revolutionary powered wet shaving system, gillette mach3 razor blades and Mach3Turbo, the first three-bladed shaving system Gillette, Sensor, the first shaving cartridge with independent spring-mounted twin blades, Sensor Excel, the first shaving cartridge with flexible microfins, Atra, the first twin blade shaving system with a pivoting head, Atra Plus, the first twin blade shaving cartridge incorporating a moisturizing Lubrastrip, Track II, the first twin blade shaving system, gillette venus razor blades and Venus Divine, triple-blade wet shaving systems, and Sensor and Sensor Excel for Women, the world's first razor designed to address all of the shaving needs of women.

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